About Us

The Phoenix of Gaia

The Phoenix of Gaia is in the process of becoming a not for profit organisation (August 2023), committed to continue raising awareness around domestic violence and support survivors in our community.

Domestic Violence affects one in six women in Australia.
One woman is killed every week as a result of domestic violence.

The Phoenix of Gaia aims to provide support and empowering programs to women and their children who are seeking assistance.  The services will provide essential resources, education, and emotional support to those affected.

Our goal is not only to help survivors and those that are experiencing domestic violence but to create a community wide understanding of the issue and to promote prevention.

Through raising awareness we can create a space where the issue of domestic violence can be dealt with at its roots with respect and empathy.

What we aim to offer

Examples of assistance and services

Education around Domestic Violence

Education is the first step in reducing domestic violence.

DV focused Couples therapy

We believe that everyone should be able to access therapy.

Empowerment Programs

Programs for both men and women designed to empower.

Therapies for Women and children

Various therapies to help vulnerable women and children.

Our founder

Farah Rowhani

Local teacher, Farah Rowhani is the founder of The Phoenix of Gaia.
We Say Her Name’ was the first fundraiser by the organisation, intended to give financial and emotional support to women in the Northern Rivers. Farah was inspired by her childhood experiences and the recent events in Iran.

“I am Persian by birth but Australian by nature. My firm desire is to empower and assist the women in our community impacted by physical, financial or emotional abuse. Through my determination and strength as a woman and mother, my aim is to break through the cycle of cultural suppression. As a youngster and part of a minority, I was denied education, faced persecution and ostracism. In Australia, one woman is killed every week by her partner or former partner. The very first murder in Australia in 2023 was a local woman and this statistic alone is not only a blight on our community but also indicates the level of support needed for those escaping abuse.”